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To empower each team member, it is a great strategy to work with their strengths rather than working around their weaknesses. It is a good idea to have each member take a personality test such as the Myers-Briggs, and hold a team roundtable to share results. This is a great bonding exercise because the results allow each person to get to know themselves and their team members in a much deeper way. It also gives team members information about who to go to and for what based upon each person’s individual strengths. When teams are connected in this way, each member is set up for success because they are each assigned tasks that play to their respective strengths.

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Cohesive teams are more successful. They are successful because each person on the team is included in as many large decisions as possible. When team members feel this type of inclusion, they feel the perceived significance of their role, causing them to naturally perform better. To be the most effective, teamsshould to participate in daily huddles where each member discusses their goals and objectives for day. This helps to avoid duplication of effort and competition betweenteam members. These huddles keep everyone on the same playbook and enables team members to re-direct their efforts as needed.

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For teams to grow they must be encouraged to brainstorm and question the status quo in an open and non-judgmental environment. Team members must be coached and led to believe the challenges and obstacles they face can and will be overcome. When a “can-do” attitude is instilled it motivates team members to live up to those “can-do” expectations. It is also important to ask team members for their thoughts, their reasoning and ideas on a regular basis. The more connected and understood they feel to their manager or leader, the more motivated they will be to perform, impress, be creativeand to exceed expectations.

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Most requests and promises are held sacred within a team, but considered optional between other company units or customers. Taking a request from a customer seriously and demonstrating that the team is working to do what they say they are going to do, goes a long way towards building trust and blurring boundaries. The question every customer and every business unit asks of another is, can I count on you? Will you be there when I need you? Do you care about this as much as we do? When team members and customers feel they can depend upon you and your team to deliver what they expect, business grows, relationships grow as does revenue.

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Stan Popovich
Guest Writer
4 min read
Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.

It can be stressful when you have to make important decisions regarding your business. We all want to make the right decisions and this can create a lot of anxiety. But to get ahead of the game, it is a necessity.

Here are six suggestions on how to make the right business decisions.

1. Know all the facts regarding your company. Gather all of the facts and necessary information that impacts your business. This is important, because you do not want to miss critical information that could make a difference in how you run your business. Also, by being part of the information-gathering process, you can eliminate biases or opinions others may have.

1. Know all the facts regarding your company.

4 Myths and 4 Truths About Starting to Sell Online (Infographic)

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How Canada's Marijuana Legalization Changes the Game
Weebly 10 Must-Haves for Creating an Ecommerce Powerhouse (Infographic) By Weebly
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The ROI of Social Media (Infographic)

For example, understanding how your competition is doing business is very important. Finding ways to improve customer satisfaction is another example of knowing the facts of your company.A business owner can talk to their employees and customers to get the necessary information regarding certain business operations. It is also important to read all of your important business reports and keep abreast on the media coverage of your business. These are just a few of things a business owner should know about his or her company.

2. Focus on the results. Think about what you want and consider the possible outcomes of your decision. A person needs to focus on the short-term and long-terms goals regarding every aspect of their company. For example, keeping up to date on the company’s financial statements is very important. Keeping abreast on your employees’ morale is another example on determining the direction of your company. Looking for ways on improving how your company does business will go a long way in accomplishing your business goals and mission statements.

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By Paula Fernandes, Business News Daily Contributing Writer

Most simply defined, an entrepreneur is a person who identifies a need and starts a business to fill that void. But this basic definition provides little insight into the specific character traits and attributes that make a person thrive as an entrepreneur.

Before quitting your day job to pursue that idea that's been brewing in the back of your mind, consider if you have the necessary constitution to make it as an entrepreneur. Here's what 20 company founders and business leaders told Business News Daily about what they think makes a truly successful entrepreneur.

1. "Entrepreneurship is at the core of the American dream. It's about blazing new trails , about believing in yourself, your mission and inspiring others to join you in the journey. What sets [entrepreneurs] apart is the will, courage and sometimes recklessness to actually do it." – Derek Hutson, CEO of Love Crossover Print Womens CrossBody Bag Grau Hella Stripes/navy 25x205x255 cm B x H T Tommy Hilfiger Womens Cross-Body Bag 2.5x20.5x25.5 cm (B x H T) Tommy Hilfiger Grau (Hella Stripes/navy) Love Crossover Print mMw1ezTj2

blazing new trails

2. "Entrepreneurship is the persistent progression towards an innovative solution to a key problem. It's the constant hunger for making things better and the idea that you are never satisfied with how things are."– Debbie Roxarzade, founder and CEO of Rachel's Kitchen

constant hunger for making things better

3. "At its core, [entrepreneurship] is a mindset – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value . Fundamentally, entrepreneurship is about ... the ability to recognize [and] methodically analyze [an] opportunity, and ultimately, to capture [its] value." – Bruce Bachenheimer, clinical professor of management and executive director of the Textured Top Handle Bag with Buckle Prada zoFcNauev
at Pace University

imagining new ways to solve problems and create value

4. "It is important to balance strong vision with a willingness to embrace change . The ability to listen, whether it be to the opinions of customers or employees, is also integral to success. While ... you must have the confidence to make your own choices, it is still incredibly important not to become detached from the people whose needs you are trying to meet. – Tirath Kamdar, founder and CEO of TrueFacet

balance strong vision with a willingness to embrace change

5. "Being an entrepreneur is like heading out into uncharted territory. It's rarely obvious what to do next, and you have to rely on yourself a lot when you run into problems. There are many days when you feel like things will never work out and you're operating at a loss for endless months. You have to be able to stomach the roller coaster of emotions that comes with striking out on your own ."– Amanda Austin, founder and president of Little Shop of Miniatures

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